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The goal of the Essential Luxuries Affiliate Program is to provide an effective way for clients of occupational therapist affiliates to procure accessible products and adaptive equipment that are recommended for them personally to meet their accessibility and accommodation needs.  Incentives are offered to the client in the form of a discount applied to products they buy, and a rebate is provided to the OT affiliate when purchases are made.

Essential Luxuries is an online retail outlet dedicated to providing safe, easy-to-use, high quality, beautifully aesthetic products, fixtures, and adaptive equipment for the home, recommended by occupational therapy experts, based on principles of universal design for accessibility.  The url is  Products in the online store are sourced globally with distributorship agreements.  They are organized by primary application area, like bathroom, bedroom, lighting, mobility, and portable showers (see the top bar).  There are also collections of products that address solutions for multiple sclerosis, short-term injury, and Parkinson's Disease (see the side bar).  Orders are generally fulfilled by drop shipping from the manufacturers' warehouses.  There is no need for the OT affiliates to manage order fulfillment, goods inventory, shipping, or billing.   

Your clients will receive a 10% discount for any products they purchase from the online store.  In turn, you will receive a rebate equal to 10% of the amount of any products that your clients purchase.  For us to identify you, you will have a discount code that you create and supply to your clients.  Consider selecting a code that identifies you or your company and is memorable and easy to type.  The letters of the code are not case sensitive.  Also, if you just want to order products for your own stand-by inventory, you have a discount of 20% for any products.  We will send you the code for this discount.

The Essential Luxuries Affiliate Program supports and operates in accordance with a code of ethics espoused by the AOTA organization.  We expect that the affiliate program participants support the standards of integrity and honesty when engaging in business transactions with clients.  Here are two documents that help you understand your ethical responsibility.  It may be dry reading, but it's important that you comply with these policies and guidelines when your practice involves making recommendations to your clients for purchase of products.

Your perspective and experience should help to identify more products that you know work better than anything else on the market.  The most successful products often boast unique features that distinguish them from commodity products readily available.  Contact us at to let us know your favorites, so we can work together to source them and add them to the online store for sale.

For the OT affiliate...  you have a convenient source for high quality products that you can confidently recommend to your clients, for a good value.
For the client...  an easy way to get the products that she or he needs and that come highly recommended by experts, for a good value.
For Essential Luxuries...  the online store should experience some organic growth to reflect the needs of OT affiliates who have specific product requests for their clients.  

Note that U.S. Internal Revenue Service regulations require declaring income of greater than $600 per calendar year.  For tax purposes, we will need an IRS Form W-9 from you, and we will send you a Form 1099 to file, as necessary.  You can print, fill out, and mail the W-9 form to Essential Luxuries, P.O. Box 62, Saint Joseph, MI 49085-0062, or you can complete it online and email it to

Click Enroll or use the "Enroll" link in the column at left.  Fill out the requested information.  After you enroll, we will send instructions for applying your discount and identifying collections of recommended products for your clients.